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"We are wise when we know that in the end we know nothing." - Sokrates Dedicated for the love towards beauty, roses, pearls, poems and everything inspirational. Here you will find pictures surrounding subjects such as lolita, aristocrat, high fashion and photography, or beauty in its many forms.
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Single for 2+ years now and still feeling like it’s not enough of a break. Maybe I shall end up as one of those old crazy cat ladies living in the woods of Finland growing my own food.. Sounds pretty good to me.

Just thinking.
I’m so tired.

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the-dark-mori-lolita asked:

I suppose being tall or short both have their advantages/disadvantages. You for instance, probably don't have to look after your weight a lot. And aristocrat is perfect for you. Me (I'm 1,50m tall), lolita dresses hardly ever run short on me. But I always need to shorten the pipes and sleeves on regular retail cloting. People think it's funny to lean their arm on my head, 'cause I'm short. And I always need to ask a taller person to grab something for me from the top shelf, in the supermarket.

Rosa Nitida ~ Shining Rose answered:

Dear noom-noom,
I absolutely agree when you say that both being tall and short come with their advantages/disadvantages. I guess the biggest disadvantage in being extremely tall comes in the health issues including back and heart problems. Also, hitting your head in the public transit is not too fun either, haha. However, major advantage come when you try to impress people in business life - statistically speaking tall people get better jobs and salary due to obvious reasons, hehe.

What I have always envied when it comes to short girls is the fact that they have great chances to look cute and girly, and wear frilly stuff without major struggles with the length of the clothing etc. In my opinion cute and frilly stuff would look just somehow weird on a woman of my height which is a shame because it would be great to be able to pull that off too! Plus, not to mention that most of the men find me rather scary, haha.

Anyways, good points you got there! Thank you for the message! :)

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Anonymous asked:

How tall r u

Rosa Nitida ~ Shining Rose answered:

185 cm

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