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Anonymous asked:

if a person who was new to gothic lolita or gothic aristocrat really wanted to make their own clothes since they didn't have the money for the expensive clothing what kind of tips would you give them like the kinds of fabrics to use and the best place to find them whether it be online or at some kind of chain store

Rosa Nitida ~ Shining Rose answered:

Dear Anon,

Thank you for your questions. First of all, I am always incredibly happy to hear that there seem to be an increasing amount people interested in making their own clothing and creating things with their own hands. I have a huge amount of respect towards the kind of effort and determination it takes to “create” and be creative. :)

First of all: Plan well your project, measure the amounts of materials that you need carefully and calculate your budget. Later on, you may use the excess materials for detailing and/or making matching accessory etc.
Secondly: Do not hesitate to use plenty of details in your work! Pendants, chains, pearls etc. are easy to remove later on if you have sewn them on neatly in the first place. :)

"What kinds of fabrics to use?"
This of course depends on everyone’s personal taste, but in general one safe tip for beginners would be to avoid shiny materials and prefer heavy well-draping fabrics such as thick polyester/cotton-polyester mix which is relatively cheap also. I bet the safest for absolute beginners would be to start with simple, non-printed fabric that you can easily modify and add more details later on. If you have enough trust in your sewing skills, try your best to invest in good quality such as matt silk and matt velvet.

In the quality of lace I wouldn’t try to save too much, though (ends up being surprisingly pricey sometimes). Read more about different lace at "How to Tell Bad Lace From Good Lace?"

Best places to find fabrics/materials?
Notice that "good quality" doesn’t always equal to "expensive". You can find amazing quality fabrics by visiting frequently at flea markets and checking their deals. This works surprisingly well atleast in Finland as the amount of second hand stores over here is quite a bit actually! I personally have found several good deals for thick velvet at UFF stores and other similar second hand stores.
Also, many big fabric supplying stores (such as Eurokangas in Finland) have a huge selection and variety of different kinds of fabrics from which many are rather reasonable price as well - just remember to take your time.

Another good idea is to do research on eBay or Etsy (please reserve some time, meaning hours or even days, for this). My purchases on eBay/Etsy are from so very random stores/people that I can’t really recommend any specific store at the moment, sorry. However, a trick that I use often on eBay is to tick the "Free shipping" option when searching for the items I want. I quite often buy items, such as cross pendants, in bulks as the accessory/clothing I make quite often include dozens or even hundreds small hand-sewn pieces (pendants, pearls, chains etc.)

Highly recommended source of information:
You can find several good links for different online stores (eBay, Etsy etc.) at


I guess that is it for now. If someone has more questions related to the subject, please do not hesitate to ask! I would love to try my best to provide as much of my information (very limited for now as I haven’t been active for a long time when it comes to lolita/aristocrat) as I possibly can. :)

Thank you again for the questions! Questions of any kind are always warmly welcomed.

Many hugs,
Iira Alina <3

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